Discovering unexploited opportunities

Case Study : Real Estate : RE/MAX®

During my investigation, I discovered an unexploited opportunity to shift RE/MAX's realtor training, education, and test preparation materials to an online platform.

By creating a dedicated online platform where realtors could access training and continuing education materials, they could avoid constant daily shifts between keeping up with their training and managing clients.

Built robust data pipelines and automated workflows to facilitate data collection, cleaning, and normalization processes from multiple CRMLSs into a centralized, live database that updated all listings in real-time.


This shift freed up resources and enabled a stronger focus on driving business growth, streamlining and scaling operations, and improving the quality of client relationships and services provided by RE/MAX.

The unified database changed the game on how real estate data was collected and distributed and overcame security threats and inefficiencies caused by duplicate databases, incomplete entries, and unstructured raw property data.