New to E-Commerce, the client had a vision.

Case Study : E-Commerce : The Skinny Towel & Washcloth Co.®

Collaboration played a pivotal role in addressing the challenges encountered by the client's new business prospect. They faced hurdles related to their limited experience in e-commerce and navigating content management systems (CMS). It was evident that dedicating time to learning new software would impeded their ability to focus on achieving their vision.

The aim was to develop an intuitive and future-proof platform that addressed their specific needs, including ease of use, content ownership, and security. Emphasized collaboration throughout the development process to ensure a tailored solution. Provided ownership of content, enabling the client to have full control and autonomy. Implemented robust security measures to alleviate concerns and safeguard customer data. Enabled the visualization of the desired outcome to ensure alignment with expectations. Ensured future-proofing, considering scalability and adaptability for growth and technology advancements.


  • Navigated the business's initial foray into online e-commerce, providing guidance and support.
  • Addressed the learning curve associated with custom CMS, facilitating a smooth launch.
  • Utilized mature and widely used technologies, ensuring reliability and compatibility.
  • Hosted the software on a secure and independent server to protect client data.
  • Vision achieved.

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