Tailor made for creative freedom and control.

Case Study: Bespoke Software : Dementia DameĀ®

When a newspaper journalist and editor wants to launch a personal blog online, they aim to have creative freedom and control to ensure that the final product aligns with their requirements and meets the expected outcomes.

A tailor-made software solution requires the melding of technology, people, and process to achieve a product that is clean and flexible.
For the programmers this means the software's codebase should be well-structured, have scalability without impacting performance, and adhere to coding best practices.
For the client, it offers a user-friendly interface, feature rich and intuitive editor, integrated media management, and support enabling them to create and manage their content effectively and engage with their audience.


By maintaining continuous communication with client and developers throughout the project lifecycle it ensured the final product met requirements and expected outcomes of the client.
Cultivating strong ongoing relationships keeps the doors open to new possibilities.